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Is your current carpet stained or damaged? Maybe you just want a different color to match the decor of your home. Whatever the case may be, a new carpet is always a great way to instantly upgrade a room. At A1 Floors, our carpet specialists are ready to provide you with a new, high-quality carpet that fits the needs of your space, along with top-notch customer service every step of the way.

Benefits of Installing New Carpet

  • With a new carpet, the decorative possibilities are endless! We can install carpet that comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing it to either be the focus of the room with a pop of color or set the tone for coziness and warmth with plush material. The choice is yours!
  • Carpet is much quieter and absorbs sound better than hard surface floors – this is especially helpful for homes with upstairs areas.
  • Carpet can hide any flaws or inconsistencies that your flooring may have, creating a sleek, consistent look as a backdrop for your furniture.

Types of New Carpet

There are many different fiber types of carpet and carpeting styles to choose from. When looking for a new carpet installation in your home, our team at A1 Floors is here to help you choose the best style for your home.

  • Nylon Carpet – the most durable and stain-resistant carpet flooring option available. It is the carpet of choice for homes with pets and children.
  • Polyester Carpet – maintains a luxurious look and feel with a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. Great for homes with normal traffic.
  • Olefin Carpet – great for stain and moisture resistance but not the best for wearability compared to Nylon and Polyester.
  • Wool Carpet – enjoyed by many for its natural beauty and natural soil-resistant qualities but does not fair well for stain resistance.

Advantages of carpet flooring – why should you opt for it?

There are many crucial choices to make as a homeowner, and one of the most important considerations will be the type of flooring the house will have. This choice will have variables it is dependent upon, such as the budget for the flooring and the type of insulation required for the location. It may be while building the dream home or for remodeling a room, and a carpet can make a world of difference and upgrade the living space instantly and aesthetically. 

One of the best options available for flooring is carpet flooring, which gives a homeowner various options of different finishes, adding a touch of warmth to the room, and also insulating the room. There are numerous advantages of installing a new carpet in different rooms of your home. 

Keep reading to know more about carpet installation and why you should opt for carpet flooring in Knightdale, Raleigh, Garner, Cary, and nearby North Carolina areas. Understand the options available so that it is easy to make a choice when the time comes. 

Aesthetically appealing

A carpet can upgrade or also spoil the look of a room if you do not choose wisely when looking online for carpet companies near me. It contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room, and with the right colors and textures, the room can be made to look larger or smaller with monochromatic carpets and patterned ones. The possibilities are endless, with a wide array of luxurious and soft carpets to moderate ones for daily use, and then there are carpets for high-traffic areas, like office space or the living room, with a multitude of options to choose from. 


One of the main factors to consider for locations with harsh winters is the insulation for the house during the cold winter months. The carpet then is one of the most valuable additions to a room for a warmer interior with the proper insulation it provides. It also adds value to space.

Winter months tend to see a hike in the electricity bills, with the furnace turned on to heat the room. Adding a carpet ensures that the room heats up faster, and much of the warmth will be retained by the carpet, and this is partially dependent on the material it is made of.

A recent study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Textile Engineering showed that a thicker carpet had a higher “R” value, which stands for the insulation factor, irrespective of the type of fiber used to weave the carpet. This shows that homeowners in locations that are prone to difficult, long, and cold winters should make a sound investment with proper carpet flooring to reduce recurrent high energy bills for the furnace.

Reduced noise level

A very important consideration, especially for people who live in apartment buildings, is the noise and sound from the floor above, which can often be loud and annoying. A hardwood floor will offer fantastic acoustic options. However, it will not be appreciated by the neighbors living on the floor below. Carpet flooring is great for absorbing sound as compared to the hardwood floors.

Fresher and healthier air

Contrary to the popular belief that carpets collect more dust, and therefore, maybe one of the main reasons for many being affected by dust allergies around the globe. Carpets have been shown to do the opposite instead. Studies have shown that the carpets collect the dust and pet dander, which otherwise without the carpet would have been suspended in the air, making it unhealthy to breathe. It is imperative, however, to keep the carpet clean by regularly vacuuming it. In high traffic areas, the carpet should be vacuumed daily to maintain a healthier interior in your home or office. 

Depending on how much traffic there is on the carpet, it is necessary to get the carpet washed and deep cleaned by professionals for it to look great and also last for years. 

Non-slip floors assuring the safety

Carpets are great for seniors and people with mobility issues as hardwood floors are easy to slip on if one is not careful. It is ideal for families that have small children and also the elderly, who may have difficulty walking on normal surfaces due to balance problems as is common with age. 

Hardwood stairs and floors can be treacherous to navigate for some, and a well-chosen carpet, within the 50 to 60 oz. range, can provide a durable solution, without it being uncomfortably thick like what happens with a high pile carpet. Under such circumstances, you can opt for a low pile carpet that will cushion your feet and also provide traction while walking. 


One of the best aspects of installing a carpet is that it offers a comfortable option for walking. Standing for too long on hard-surface floors can give you a backache as they cannot offer flexibility or any shock absorption for your steps. 

Carpet floorings can change this. A carpet changes a hard floor into a soft and plush place of comfort. It is possible to further enhance this feeling of feather softness with the placement of underlayment, which ensures that the carpet is padded and flexible.

Cost-effective solution

Hardwood floors and other types of flooring, such as marble, mosaic, tiles, and vinyl floorings, have a stringent requirement for the subfloor to be installed seamlessly. These preparations are generally time-consuming and also frequently expensive to carry out.

These hassles can be easily eliminated with carpet installation, no matter what type of flooring exists. There are no prerequisites, generally, and they are faster and a more economical option for people while also offering a multitude of possibilities with various materials and fibers for different textures with a unique appeal.

Varieties of carpets for installation

Nylon carpets

This type of carpet is extremely durable and can withstand heavy traffic without sustaining too much damage. Nylon carpets are stain-resistant, which is an advantage for families with children and pets. They can come in a diverse range of colors to suit various settings and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the home or the office. Nylon carpet is affordable despite being considered a premium fiber. It is made from petroleum, and they offer a good range of options that make it a good choice for the home. 

Nylon is known to be the sturdiest material available for carpets. This is because nylon fibers are very strong and bounce back after being bent or crushed, proving their resilience. It is resistant to abrasion and wear despite being used frequently by many in high-traffic areas like the stairs and hallways. 

Nylon is an absorbent fiber and can stain, but due to technological innovations, it is now possible to use a treatment on these fibers, making them resistant to staining.

Polyester carpets

Polyester carpet offers a vast range of colors and styles to suit various settings and preferences. Polyester carpets are durable, although not as much as the nylon ones. These carpets are made from hydrophobic fibers, meaning that they repel water and are, therefore, a wear-resistant and waterproof carpet option. It is great for a small family with moderate foot traffic. 

Many of the polyester carpets are being made nowadays from recycled plastic, making them a renewable choice. The main drawback is that it is not crush-resistant, meaning that it is not suited for high-traffic areas as they will begin showing signs of wear in a short while. 

These carpets are significantly more affordable than the nylon ones and make a great choice for homes with limited budgets. Another important factor to remember is that although it is indeed cheaper than nylon carpets, polyester carpets require more frequent replacement than their nylon counterparts. 

Olefin carpets

It is one of the best options available for stain and moisture resistance, although it is not nearly as durable as the polyester or nylon options. Similar to the polyester carpets, olefin carpet installation cost is significantly lower than nylon or polyester, making it an extremely budget-friendly option. This is because olefin carpets are often made using recycled materials, significantly cutting down the cost of production.

Woolen carpets

Woolen carpets have natural soil-resistant properties and can be stunning in every room. The only drawback of using a woolen carpet is that it is not at all durable and can be ruined easily. Wool offers an eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable option with a luxurious feel. This carpet is also flame-resistant. The fiber is durable enough to withstand high foot traffic, although it is one of the most expensive options available for carpet installation, whether at home or in the office. 

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best carpets for sale, it will depend on the location of the home or the building, how well-used the areas are, for instance, the stairs or hallways, and also the budget one has allocated for the flooring job.

Whether one is remodeling or building a home from scratch, it is imperative to plan out the flooring and choose the best from the carpets for sale well in advance from flooring stores to have the best and most cost-effective solution for fabulous flooring.


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