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On the face of it, installing a new carpet in your home and getting rid of the old one in a responsible manner has its advantages. As a leading choice for carpet installation Cary, we would be happy to educate you on the benefits of a new carpet.

A new carpet not only saves on the cost and labor of repairing your existing carpet but also helps keep carpet waste material out of landfills. If the existing carpet has been installed using glue instead of tacks then you can easily lay the new carpet over the old one. When you choose this method of carpet installation, your older carpet stays in place and the new one is installed over it. This can add a layer of insulation for cold floors as well as make your new carpet more durable. You can even choose materials from our carpet store in Cary to act as extra padding under the new carpet 

Reasons why professionals advise you to remove your old carpet

When you leave the existing carpet, it becomes quite tough to nail down the tack strips, the anchoring on these strips runs about ¾-inch long. Hence, the strips will not be long enough to reach the old carpet as well as the underlying padding. This may lead to the carpet not sitting properly or moving around which is why we recommend you remove the existing one before you lay down the new one.

Carpeting needs a solid base for proper installation and performance and if it is not fixed properly, it will not only wear out faster but will affect the existing carpet as well. As experts, we can tell you that old carpeting can harbor mold, mildew, and dirt and in high temperatures along with moisture, it can grow fungus as well. This is going to be transferred to your new carpet. Remember, even if you clean it, it’s impossible to remove all of the dirt. If you choose, though, to get the existing carpet cleaned by a professional before installing the new one, it is a waste of money. You can save money simply by discarding the older carpet. We will handle that for you.

Picking new carpets from our carpet flooring Cary store can help you add some elegance to your home but not removing the existing layer will not only lower your ceiling but if you have a small home, it will make it look even smaller. Also, the wood trim will need to be removed and reinstalled.

Ripping up the existing carpet can help you to assess the status of your subfloor as well as repair any damage caused to it before installing your new carpet. Carpets which are glued down and have been there for years are not difficult to remove. The older it gets, all you need to do is to test a corner of the carpet and it comes off pretty easily – our staff is always by your side to help you remove the old carpet and reinstall the new one.

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Our team of experts has the skill and know-how to help you install a new carpet for your home. Picking a carpet from your carpet near me Cary search can help you to get a top-quality carpet in a range of designs and colors that suit your interior décor and theme. Our team is always happy to help you with your carpeting needs. Please feel free to contact us via email or even call us and we’ll be happy to help you.


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