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Are you looking for a carpet store in Knightdale to find the perfect carpet for your home, be it the staircase or other living spaces? We are the right choice.

Staircases are the most common places in homes to have a carpet since it keeps families safe in case they trip or fall, but installing it is quite tricky. Picking a carpet for your staircase can be a bit more difficult than picking a carpet for other areas of your home. This is because, in addition to having to decide on the carpet color, design, and style, you need to ensure that your carpet is durable, thick enough and light in weight to be installed on the staircase and even through the railing posts if any.

Carpets bought from a reputable carpet flooring Knightdale store like ours are widely preferred against hard surfaces such as hardwood or laminates as it is much safer as hard surfaces can sometimes be slippery and easily lead to someone falling – a carpet provides a softer landing which could reduce the likelihood of an injury.

Consider these options for picking a staircase carpet

Staircases are usually high traffic areas in any home and the impact of foot traffic is higher on staircases than any other area of your house, especially when descending. This means that your carpet from the carpet store in Knightdale needs to be of the best quality and cushioning that you can afford. While an upgraded carpet can be a bit costlier in the long run it will not only last longer but need to be replaced less frequently. If you are carpeting areas of your home like your bedroom, living room, and hall, the carpet used on the staircase will be vastly different as you will have to go in for the highest durability, non-slip, and a style you prefer.

When it comes to carpet installation Knightdale, our professionals have two methods of installation – a waterfall or a French cap. The waterfall method is quite simple and includes simply bending the carpet over the edge of the stairs and bringing it straight down to meet the thread of the next step. This is a simple and quick way to install the carpet and for this reason, many homeowners prefer this. The second method includes wrapping the carpet around the edge of the stairs and tucking it under the lip – this requires more time and skill but provides an elegant and tailored look you may prefer.

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The best carpet for your staircase is the one that meets durability, thickness, warranty as well as looks smart and absorbs shock. As you search for carpet near me Knightdale online options, our professionals can help you pick a collection that has all these pointers and find a suitable style that goes with the interiors of your home as well as the décor. Being experts in carpets and highly skilled in carpet installation, we can help with the selection and installation of your carpet. We are a leading carpet store in Knightdale and have carved a reputation of being helpful, proactive, and diligent.

If you are looking for help to install your new carpeting then get in touch with a member of our team. You can call, email, or visit our store.


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