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Solid hardwood floors are a great solution for anyone who is looking for durable flooring that will last for years to come. These easy-to-clean and pet-friendly floors are great for just about any room! Plus, with different color and design options, you can match your flooring to almost any decor you’re looking for.

Benefits of Installing Hardwood Flooring

1. Low Maintenance

Hardwood floors not only look beautiful, but they are very low maintenance. With the ability to easily clean your hardwood flooring, it’s easy to keep them looking new.

2. Durability

Hardwood flooring is one of the primary reasons homeowners upgrade their floors. If proper care is given to your hardwood flooring, you can expect it to last for decades.

3. Added Value to Your Home

Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought out features in a home. Buyers will pay a premium and favor homes that come with hardwood floors.

Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors come primarily in two forms. With that said, there are many variances in wood species.

  • Solid Hardwood – solid hardwood flooring is generally what people think of when they think of hardwood floors. With natural beauty, durability, and authentic charm, it’s no wonder solid hardwood floors are highly sought after.
  • Engineered Hardwood – an economical solution for hardwood in your home. Engineered hardwood is constructed from several layers of wood pressed together with the top layer consisting of the actual hardwood.

We Bring the Showroom to You

If you’re thinking of installing new hardwood floors in your home but aren’t sure how to get started, let our team at A1 Floors help. We’ll work closely with you to find a product that best suits your budget and desired style, and our expert Raleigh flooring contractors will then provide professional installation and underlayment. From the initial pricing consultation to the final product, we’ll provide excellent customer service every step of the way.

For the Best Hardwood Flooring Services  in Raleigh, NC

When you begin to look for new flooring for your residential or commercial space, don’t be overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices. Always work with a professional who can guide you in making your decisions. Our specialists at A1 Floors are available in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Wake Forest, or other nearby areas you might need. Although getting hardwood flooring is one of the best choices due to its long-lasting resilience, there are still many options to familiarize yourself with before your final decision. Let our team assist you with learning more.

Our team of professionals leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering you result-oriented solutions. We want you to have the best deal with the best look, whether you need dark wood floors, grey hardwood floors, or something else altogether.

Why You Should Choose Hardwood Flooring

Out of all the flooring trends, installing hardwood seems to be the most popular. There are many reasons why it is the top choice for many of our customers.

There is Minimal Upkeep

Want something easy to maintain yet adds value to your home? Hardwood flooring requires minimal effort to maintain its beauty. When it comes to comparing clean up after spills on other surfaces, such as carpeting, hardwood makes it easy. Mopping and sweeping regularly keep the hardwood looking its best.

You have an array of choices to pick from

There is such a wide variety to look at that you can be sure to find the perfect match for your decor. In addition to the color you prefer, you also have the type of hardwood you want. There is natural solid wood and engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is made from multiple layers of wood pressed together with a top layer of actual hardwood.

It lends a classic kind of sophistication

Laminate hardwood or any kind of hardwood floors, for that matter, are popular owing to the fact that they make any room look fresh and updated. Whether you go in for wood plank, gray hardwood floors, red oak, or even white oak flooring, your home is sure to look impeccable, no matter what. In fact, homes that come with engineered hardwood floors or waterproof wood flooring possess higher resale value. 

It is worth the price you pay for it

Yes, we agree that oak flooring and hardwood flooring prices can be a little expensive on the budget. However, since it proves to be more durable than other materials, you do not have to worry about replacing it at regular intervals. As long as you take care of it, you can be sure it stays in great shape for a long time to come. 

Other than this, it is also pet-friendly in nature. With us, you can choose from solid wood or engineered wood flooring. We offer you the best solid and engineered wood at competitive prices so you can easily make your choice from the wide variety of options available. 

We Care for All Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Needs

At A1 Floors, you can be sure that you receive only the best and most trustworthy guidance and assistance. Whether you have questions about unfinished oak or want to install wide plank hardwood, you can know for certain that with us by your side, you obtain unsurpassed assistance. From installing new hardwood floors to restoring the original beauty of your aged stairs or hickory flooring in your residential or commercial structure, you can know for sure that with our team by your side, we have your back and offer you the best suggestions at all times. 

We understand that our clients expect nothing but the best and so we offer you nothing less than that.We effortlessly and quickly assess your needs and provide you with the best cost-to-performance ratio. We have only the finest and most exotic, as well as domestic hardwoods, in our supply stock. Whether you are searching for gray wood flooring, waterproof hardwood, a floating wood floor, or even imitation wood, you can rest assured that our professionals craft each style and piece keeping the most impeccable standards in mind. While you should not worry about staining hardwood floors, you can know for certain that our technicians help you with grey wood floors and other oak wood flooring. The flooring comes with strong durability making it resilient to deal with all kinds of high usage by a busy family. All in all, we bring you an extensive choice of  options so you can easily find the most ideal aesthetic appeal for your home. 

Why You Can Count on Us

You can truly depend on us to tackle all of the major and minor issues that you are looking to improve. Even if you have to deal with prefinished hardwood flooring or unfinished hardwood flooring, you can count on us to see it through to make it what you want. We never leave any task incomplete. We take into account the level of difficulty, type of finish and the duration it is going to take for us to complete the project. Accordingly, we let you know so that you are not left in the dark. 

If your project requires us to carry out installations of real hardwood floors or you may need a refinish or re-coat of your present floors, you can know for sure that our professionals are always at your service. Our team is well-versed in wide plank flooring, hickory, red oak, white oak hardwood, and all other kinds of flooring under the sun. 

We have experience with:

  • Laying focus on innovative and one-of-a-kind manufacturing techniques by taking into account color, finish, clarity, durability as well as grain definition
  • Sanding and finishing of the hardwood flooring in a productive, professional and flawless manner
  • Standing true to the highest possible standards and make sure we meet and exceed industry standards
  • Lending a listening ear to all of your concerns so that we can help you find the best and most budget-friendly wood flooring
  • Coming up with a complete line of premium prefinished hardwood floor accessories so that you find the most affordable one that works perfectly in line with your budget

In this way, we make certain you end up with a floor that falls seamlessly in line with your budget as well as personal preferences. We make it our goal to provide the best and most superior quality product selection. In addition, we also make it a point to ensure we offer you the right kind of assistance and support, should you need any of our services after we help you out with your final flooring decisions.

Get in touch with us right away

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get in touch with us, especially if you are ever asking yourself, “Where am I going to find wood flooring near me? We put our best foot forward so that you obtain nothing but the quality service and assistance we are known for. Take advantage of our most premium styles and competitive prices when you give us a call.

Remember, the wood floors you opt for today are a vital investment you make not only for the present but also for the future. It is going to help you enhance the resale value of your home so that you can get the best deal if that time comes. You have to make certain that the professional you opt for has access to the latest, newest and most innovative flooring options. By scheduling an appointment with us, you can know for a fact that you are getting in touch with knowledgeable, skilled and result-oriented experts who are good at what they do.

Our company is equipped with certified and well-trained installers as well as refinishers who are dedicated to making sure you obtain the best customer experience possible. So give us a call, and let us offer you meticulous, attentive, and discount hardwood flooring in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Wake Forest, and other areas in NC. We guarantee to make your home or office area look updated and appealing.



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