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Why Hardwood is the Best Flooring Option for Your Bathroom

Most homeowners pick hardwood flooring in Fuquay Varina because of its appearance, durability, and ease of maintenance. Hardwood flooring is widely used in lounge areas, kitchens, living rooms, dining areas, and even bedrooms and now most homeowners have started using this type of flooring in their bathrooms as well. You want your flooring to look and feel great and have a high performance, especially in high traffic areas. Bathrooms involve a lot of heat, moisture, and even dirt and it takes the right kind of flooring to not only appear aesthetic but also be durable, easy to install, and clean as well as affordable, and hardwood flooring wins hands down.

Benefits of picking hardwood flooring for your bathroom

Wood flooring Fuquay Varina is popularly used in bathrooms despite some drawbacks and let us, at A1 Floors, tell you why.


Materials like vinyl, tiles, and ceramics can get quite cold especially when the weather is chilly outside. Since most people go to the bathroom barefoot it helps to have a warm floor that feels comforting and also looks warm and cozy. Hardwood has certain earthy shades which give it the feeling of natural wood and makes the room seem more welcoming no matter what color it is.

Aesthetic appeal

Engineered wood flooring Fuquay Varina is aesthetically pleasing and can provide beauty to every room it is installed in. From its individual grain pattern to its shade and texture, it is a classic choice that has been chosen by homeowners for years to come.  A hardwood bathroom flooring is sure to draw attention owing to its beauty and elegance and your family members and guests will love it.

It lasts longer

If cleaned regularly and maintained, your hardwood flooring installation in Fuquay Varina will last for a long time. Most hardwood flooring has a lifespan of 25 years or more, depending on how you look after it. Hardwood has the longest lifespan compared to some other flooring materials and the reason being that any nicks, scratches, or minor damage to the floor can be easily sanded down and properly maintained by our professionals.

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When it comes to your hardwood flooring installation Fuquay Varina, try to pick hardwood for a guest bathroom or one that doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic. Family bathrooms where kids splash around may get the floor soaked, and while moisture isn’t a problem for hardwood, a lot of water is. Unless you’re up to the task of daily cleaning your hardwood floor and keeping it dry, you may be better off getting hardwood flooring for a personal or guest bathroom.

Our professionals can help install your hardwood flooring as well as give you tips on how to clean and maintain it. We will also advise which areas of your home would benefit from hardwood flooring. Hardwood is an excellent material and can last for a long time if looked after well.

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