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When it comes to your hardwood flooring, getting it refurbished is a great way to enhance the look of your living space without having to go through all the tension of installing a brand-new flooring. Refurnishing this type of flooring involves taking off the top layer of the covering material, and using a piece of equipment to digs past any stains, issues, or scratches and leave you with a fresh surface to be painted or coated with. When it comes down to it hiring a professional, you can depend on us. A professional is always better than going at it yourself as they have the right equipment, skill, and expertise required to install your engineered wood flooring Raleigh.

How we go about refurbishing your hardwood flooring?

If you work on the flooring yourself, you will need to rent the machinery, as well as the sanding tools which can be costly, not to mention if you don’t have the necessary knowledge, you may end up damaging your flooring which may require costly repairs.

As experts, the first step we take when it comes to your hardwood flooring installation Raleigh is to clean, vacuum, or sweep the surface of the floor to remove any debris or dust or even a slightly damp mopping cloth can be used.  The damaged layer is then removed and we use a sander at a slow, gentle and even pace to grind the wood down and avoid any damage. These machines are large and quite tough to direct so it’s essential that you get a professional to work them so that you don’t get uneven surfaces, scratches, or dips in installation.

Large machines may be quite big and not be able to fit into the corners or crevices, so in case it comes to that, we use smaller equipment to refinish these spaces. These tools are easier to control, lighter, and works at a steady pace so no mistakes are made. Once the sanding of your hardwood floor is completely done, you can use medium-grade sandpaper to sand out and smoothen any areas which are coarse or rough during the process. We even use wood putty to fill in any cracks and leave it to dry for a day post which we sand it down softly.

We are always there for your hardwood flooring needs!

Wood flooring Raleigh can also use a protective treatment over it to ensure that it can resist any stains, scratches, or damages. So as long as you keep your new refinished flooring clean and maintain it well, it should enhance the look of your home, make it look warm, inviting, and cozy, and help your surface stay brand new for as far as possible. Our professional contractors will help you to reinstall hardwood flooring that matches your interiors and décor and ensure that they lay it well and get rid of any damage caused. This will help it to look new and draw all attention to your elegant flooring.

If you are looking to hire hardwood flooring contractors near Raleigh for your next project or find out what services we offer then drop by our store and meet us, or you can even drop us a call or an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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