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Flooring Installation in Knightdale NC


The flooring business is a serious one and requires skill as well as understanding. One could argue that such is the case with any job, but flooring truly requires a different kind of skill and understanding. One needs to know practically everything about the different materials being used for different flooring needs. As a specialized carpet flooring contractor in Knightdale, NC, we are proud to inform that we know everything there is know about different types of flooring.

Apart from knowledge of materials one also needs to be able to interpret the effects of different weather conditions on different surfaces. We are considered experts in flooring installation in Knightdale, NC. Because we have skilled and experienced professionals who toil ceaselessly to provide a customer experience that is seamless and in line with quality standards that we so dearly uphold here.

Here are the pros and cons of different flooring materials that we have picked up over the years:

Hardwood Flooring in Knightdale NC


  • Warm and most resilientHardwood flooring in Knightdale, NC, is warmer than most other varieties of tiles and stone. It is also more resilient than stone.
  • Improves real estate value – In today’s real estate market, hardwood floors in Knightdale, NC, are worth a lot of money. Installing them in your home can give a positive fillip to its resale value.
  • Long-lasting – When hardwood floors are treated properly, they can last as long as the house that houses them!


  • Difficult maintenance – Although it is quite difficult to stain or damage solid hardwood flooring Knightdale, NC, when it does happen, it can be extremely difficult to treat and restore it.
  • Comparatively expensive – Hardwood flooring installation can cost up to $25 per square foot.
  • No thermal or sound benefits – Hardwood is very noisy and doesn’t offer any thermal insulation whatsoever.

Carpet Flooring in Knightdale NC


  • Safety – Carpets provide great cushioning during the times of slips and falls. It is a great option for households with kids.
  • Warmth – Thanks to its amazing property of thermal resistance where it retains warm air during colder seasons, carpet flooring in Knightdale, NC, keeps homes warm.
  • Style options – When it comes to carpet color and design, you can choose from thousands of different options. This gives you more control over how everything affects the overall vibe of your home.


  • Allergies –Carpet floors retain dust mites, and bacteria which can cause allergies. If someone in your household suffers from allergic reactions then you’d best choose some other flooring material.
  • Maintenance – It takes a lot to maintain carpet flooring as they frequently become choked with dirt and bacteria. Professional help is almost always required for cleaning carpet floors in Knightdale, NC.
  • Longevity – Unlike other flooring materials, carpets cannot last generations and will require repair or replacement in a few years’ time.

Laminate Flooring in Knightdale NC


  • Inexpensive – The material itself can be purchased for less than $3 per square foot meaning laminate flooring in Knightdale, NC is a relatively cheap flooring purchase.
  • Easy-to-install – Another great benefit of using laminate flooring in Knightdale is the extremely easy installation process. Modern laminates have groove connections in them that make them stick easily together.
  • Multiple designs – Like carpets, laminates are also available in abundant designs and colors. You can even check out customization options if you’re clear about what you want.


  • Hard surface – This surface is second only to hardwood and a fall on laminate flooring can cause injury. It is best to avoid laminates in children’s’ bedrooms.
  • Limited insulation – The surface doesn’t lend itself to both thermal and sound insulation. In fact laminate floors Knightdale, NC produce a very hallow echo when walked upon.
  • Difficult to Repair – Laminates are notoriously difficult to repair if there is damage. If the damage is extensive then the entire flooring may need to be replaced.

Vinyl Flooring in Knightdale NC


  • Easy maintenance – It doesn’t take much to keep vinyl floors in Knightdale, NC, clean. A little damp cloth mopping does the trick usually.
  • Easy InstallationFlooring Installation in Knightdale, NC, is not at all expensive for this particular material. Everything right from procuring the material to installation comes under $10.
  • Relatively long lasting – If you don’t let any major damage overcome it, vinyl floors can last a good 10-20 years even!


  • Not green – The production for vinyl flooring in Knightdale, NC, uses not renewable petroleum sources along with a lot of manufacturing energy.
  • Not recyclable – Vinyl is a synthetic material and like all synthetic materials, its polymers will take centuries to break down in the environment.

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