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When it comes to flooring, vinyl can be a great material for your kitchen or bathroom when installed properly. Unlike self-adhering vinyl or vinyl that you need to glue, luxury vinyl plank flooring in Cary is adhered only at the edges not under the entire tile. Hence, its integrity depends on just 10% of the plank area.

You can connect with us to find out more about how waterproof lvp flooring Cary could be the right option for your home.

Why luxury vinyl flooring is the best

LVP tiles Cary is one of the most preferred and popular flooring options and is top quality. This flooring product is durable, affordable, easy to install since it floats over the subfloor, it is resistant to moisture, heat and daily wear and tear, and also comes in a large variety of realistic wood, ceramic, and stone options which looks great for every corner of your home including your kitchen and bathroom.

Since it’s easy to clean and maintain, it comes with a warranty only if installed by our professionals. Like any product, how long it lasts depends on the quality of the installation and also the quality of the product. If you’re browsing for vinyl plank near me Cary, our experts can help get you the best quality vinyl flooring at an affordable cost and help install the same for you.

Installing is easy and efficient, all you need is self-stick adhesive along the edges and interlocking planks, these planks help as if you want to change them in the future they only need to be lifted from the subfloor and easily changed. Since the planks are quite flexible and there is no need to stick them to the subfloor. Instead, they remain floating over it. As a result, they can be installed over a variety of materials like plywood, particleboard, chipboard, gypsum underlayment, and other floor coverings.

We won’t recommend the installation of this flooring in the basement as due to moisture, emissions, and hydrostatic pressure, your flooring can have a shorter lifespan. We ensure that the adhesive strips are working properly and check the temperature and the location before setting up. We stack no more than three high with at least 4 inches of airflow around the boxes and not place them near heating or cooling ducts or even direct sunlight. It is prudent to remember that no oil or dirt should get onto the adhesive.

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Our team of professionals can help you pick the kind of flooring you want depending on your interior décor or theme so your space can look elegant and sophisticated. You can get luxury vinyl plank flooring in Cary in a variety of designs, colors, and types. We advise that you go for high-quality material as it will not only last longer but will be more durable especially in high traffic areas around your home, like you’re living or dining room spaces. We install the flooring for you as well as transport it and can help you to maintain it from time to time.

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