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Reasons to Pick Vinyl Flooring for Your Child’s Bedroom


The type of flooring option your pick for your child’s bedroom has an overall effect on the aesthetic, functional, and environmental factor of the room. This means that you have a lot to think about when it comes to designing the room and choosing the flooring – thankfully we – A1 Floors – are here to take a little weight off your shoulder and recommend that you use luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring in Durham is cost-effective, easy to clean and look after, water, heat, and scratch-resistant, and doesn’t get worn or even warped easily. Besides this vinyl is a strong material and ideal for children who love romping around all day on the floor. Here are some of the additional benefits which make vinyl the ideal flooring for your kids’ bedroom.

Warm and cozy

LVP tiles Durham hold thermal properties and if you pick high-quality flooring, it can provide a warm and comfortable feeling underfoot. Both these factors are quite important when it comes to your little ones, especially if they spend a lot of time playing or sitting down on the floor. If you are worried about cold flooring during winter then having flooring that retains heat helps. Your kids will be comfortable and snug while sitting and playing on the floor.

Easy to install and clean

Children can be quite messy and a lot of stains, spills, and dirt can lead to your flooring getting spoilt – which is why you need to invest in a low maintenance waterproof LVP flooring Durham. Vinyl is quite easy to maintain and all you need to do is sweep, and vacuum daily and maybe once a week deep clean to sanitize your kid’s bedroom. Since this flooring is stain resistant, you can easily remove any stains with a damp cloth and you can even add a vinyl-safe cleaning detergent to the water.

Tough and affordable

As you search for vinyl plank near me Durham options, you’ll discover it is relatively affordable and it all depends on the quality of flooring as well as the shades you go in for. As compared to other flooring materials, vinyl is quite tough and durable and can easily absorb shock and weight even in high-traffic areas, so you don’t need to worry about your kids running around constantly.

Final Words

Luxury vinyl plank flooring in Durham is extremely versatile and comes in a range of colors and designs which can suit your home’s interior décor and theme as well as gives your children the freedom to express themselves with the latest trends. To ensure that your vinyl flooring lasts for a longer time, our experts recommend that you invest in high-quality luxury vinyl flooring that’s extremely tough and stylish. We provide installation, maintenance, and repair services of your vinyl flooring to keep it looking as good as new. Our team has been professionally trained and has all the skills and knowledge required to get the job done.
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