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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Vinyl Plank Flooring Contractor


There are a lot of things to think of before hiring a flooring company to install your luxury vinyl plank flooring in Fuquay Varina. We all know what happens when you hire the wrong agency, you are left with poor work, lots of hassle and time and money wastage, plus flooring work that will make you scream. This is why it is crucial to hire the right professionals to lay down your flooring and take care of the installation process.

Our company has been on the market for years and we have a great reputation for being professional and quality-conscious. A1 Floors also has the right experience and skill, and we help take a lot of stress off your shoulders and tend to your flooring needs.

Here are a couple of questions you need to ask your contractor to ensure that they will do a good job.

Is your company insured and licensed?

Flooring companies are required to be certified, licensed, and insured before they lay your LVP tiles Fuquay Varina. North Carolina requires that the company comply with the local laws and all work done has to be legally permitted as well as certified by the state. The government also requires the team working on the installation to be experienced, trained and knowledgeable so they are legally qualified to handle all your home needs as well as their equipment, tools, and certain procedures.

How long have you been in this business?

Obviously, the longer the agency or company has been in this business the better. But lookout for companies that are just a couple of months or weeks old – we’re not saying that it’s bad, but if you want your flooring work perfected to the tee, it is always better to go in for a business that is well-known and established. Some businesses fail within a couple of years, and if you want your waterproof LVP flooring Fuquay Varina repaired or retouched by the same company, you’ll have a major problem.

Do you have a physical location?

Any established business that shows up online as a result of searching for vinyl plank near me Fuquay Varina will have a business location complete with an address and contact. This is great as you can go in, check out the place, inspect the location, flooring products, material, and also meet the team. Companies and agencies who operate online only or out of a van are quite risky as they can do the job by day and vanish by night, leaving you stranded.

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It takes just a little time to go online and research or even ask your friends or neighbors who have gotten their flooring done recently. It can save you a lot of hassle as well as money and time when you pick the right company for the job. With A1 Floors, you have nothing to worry about.

Our experts have been specially trained in products, tools, equipment and can advise you with the right kind of flooring as well as install the same for you. So, you enjoy your high-quality luxury vinyl plank flooring in Fuquay Varina with no hassle.

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