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How to Care for your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring


You’ve just bought your first new home, and are so in love with the luxury vinyl plank flooring in Holly Springs that came with it. But did you know that not taking proper care of your vinyl flooring can cause it to wear and look dull? If you’re not sure how to clean vinyl plank flooring then don’t worry. Thankfully, this is one of the simplest and easiest floorings to clean and maintain, and with some simple tips, it can be kept looking new and shiny.

We, at A1 Floors, have put together a guide unique to your flooring needs so you can clean your vinyl floor in the best way possible to maintain its look and feel.

Regular cleaning

Vinyl plank flooring just like any other flooring needs to be cleaned daily. Your family member, guests, or even pets may track in dust, dirt, and debris which can run the risk of scuffing or seriously damaging your flooring. If not cleaned daily, over time small particles of dirt can cause a sandpaper effect and remove that sparkling finish from your floor. So, what can you do? If you want your floor to be nothing but perfect then using a simple broom and a vacuum cleaner will help avoid excess dirt as well as clean dust and debris, allowing your LVP tiles Holly Springs to look pristine.

Cleaning equipment

Like we mentioned before a broom and a vacuum cleaner can go a long way in helping you regularly clean your waterproof LVP flooring Holly Springs. If you want special equipment to clean and polish your flooring then our professionals will help get you the best tools for the job. Homes with pets and kids will actually find certain types of vacuum cleaners much better than others as they suck up any pet hair, dander, dust, and keep your home clean. It all comes down to what you prefer and which cleaning routine is easier for you. Sticking to a daily cleaning can make your vinyl flooring last a lot longer.

Deep cleaning

If your home is a high-traffic area and your vinyl plank near me Holly Springs requires a bit more TLC then you can use a mop and a bucket of water after sweeping to finish the job. Since most homeowners aren’t aware of what cleaning liquid to use, we recommend either getting products that are safe and certified for your hardwood flooring or you can add a bit of warm water with some gentle detergent to a bucket and mop away. Try to avoid using home DIY detergents as they can be harsh on your flooring and dull the sparkle. If in doubt, you can always ask our experts. We don’t only advise you but we help you choose the safest products for your flooring. After mopping run a dry mop over to soak up the excess water.

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As long as your keep up your daily cleaning schedule your luxury vinyl plank flooring in Holly Springs will look flawless and clean. Vinyl flooring is actually pretty easy to take care of and all it requires is a couple of minutes of your day to clean and dry and maybe a deep cleaning once a week. Our professionals will help give you tips, advice, and products as well as maintain your flooring and repair it whenever required.

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