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Wood Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is an essential and popular flooring choice for home installations owing to its versatility and durability. Laminates are crafted from layers and bonded to a core material which is then covered with a protective layer. This allows it to be made to look like a variety of materials including stone, ceramic tile, metal, and even hardwood making it an all-time favorite.  You need to first check where you want the laminates as high traffic areas will need studier construction. Wood laminate flooring in Cary is an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses who want affordable, low-maintenance flooring that looks aesthetic and feels good.

Excellent grades and easy to maintain flooring options

Laminate flooring is often categorized by the type and the kind of rating that indicates the strength levels of the item as well as its ability to resist abrasion, burns, stains, and impact.

If you go in for AC1, it is best suited for bedrooms and low traffic areas but not high traffic. AC2 is suited to a higher traffic residential area like living rooms and dining areas but not for commercial use, whereas AC3 is good for light traffic commercial areas and has greater durability. AC5 can be used in areas like departmental stores, offices, and shopping areas. It is not the best choice for homes as it is too abrasive.

When picking your laminate flooring installation Cary, you need to realize that laminate flooring is preferred because it’s low maintenance. The surface wear layer is resistant to scratching and penetration and since the surface area eliminates any yellowing due to UV light exposure it’s great to be used in areas near windows. Being eco-friendly and durable, it comes with a warranty and you don’t need to clean and maintain it each day.

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Our team can provide you with numerous design options which are available for picking after searching for waterproof laminate near me Cary options. Today’s laminates can even mimic the look of bamboo and cork and since they are eco-friendly and recyclable they help you to be ecologically awareOur company helps you to pick laminates that go well with the theme and décor of the home as well as makes your interiors look aesthetically pleasing. Due to its durability, and flexibility, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on labor, transport, and installation of the same and we can do it for you quicker and much more efficiently. Laminates also don’t require a lot of maintenance and if you wipe it down with a soft, clean microfiber cloth and a gentle detergent a couple of times a week it should be good.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for or if you have a specific question concerning a laminate flooring contractor Cary, our dedicated team is always ready to help you out. Drop us an email or get in contact with us via phone. You can even drop by the store during open hours and let our professionals help you with anything you need as well as give you a no-obligation consultation.


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