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Your Ultimate Guide to Keeping Laminate Flooring Clean


Whether you’re searching through home and living magazines or home improvement TV shows you’ll always see the designer installing wood laminate flooring in Holly Springs. Part of the reason is that laminate wood flooring is in demand because it’s cost-effective, easy to install and clean, and durable. But like every other kind of flooring, wood laminates also require a touch of TLC and regular care to last for a long time and keep clean.

Here are some ways that we, at A1 Floors, recommend cleaning wood laminate flooring clean the right way.

Use the right cleaning products

When in doubt, ask! Before you get cleaning ask our flooring experts or properly read any instructions we provide at the time of laminate flooring installation Holly Springs. Laminates are sensitive to certain harsh chemicals and abrasives and if this is used it can dull or even damage the flooring. Ensure that any stains, spills, or water is immediately wiped up as liquids like juices or even fizzy drinks may damage laminate flooring.

Never use harsh chemicals

Your laminate floor may be tough as nails but it can still scratch. So, try to avoid using abrasive materials like rough cloths or even steel wool to clean. Use a soft broom and a microfiber cloth to gently sweep your floor and if it still needs additional cleaning, you can mop your floor weekly or as per your needs. Wring the mop till it’s almost dry and then mop your floor, avoid using a lot of water or soaked mops. Our laminate flooring contractor Holly Springs can help you out with a couple of products that are safe for your floors.

Avoid using a lot of water

Avoid using too much water to clean your floor as the water can seep in between the seams in the floor and this can lead to your floor swelling in certain places or even fading and dulls its appearance. To ensure that your flooring is kept in tiptop shape you can add pads under the furniture so it doesn’t ruin the floor when dragged or moved across. Lastly, adding a welcome mat at the main entrance will help keep your home cleaner. Your guests can wipe their feet before entering so that they don’t track abrasive dirt or mud into the house.

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Follow the above instructions given by our experts so that you can keep your wood laminate flooring neat and clean. If you’re searching for waterproof laminate near me Holly Springs, our contractors can also help install your flooring, repair it and even maintain it when you require it. We have the best products on the market which can help keep your flooring safe and clean and away from damage. All in all, laminate flooring is the best kind of flooring and is preferred by a lot of home as well as business owners on the market.

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