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Wood Laminate Flooring


If your idea hovers around outdated notions of fake-looking stone and surfaces that scratch easily then try looking at our new improved wood laminate flooring in Knightdale, with better edging techniques, longer-lasting surfaces, and improved graphics they have become quite popular in the market and are making their way into more and more homes. These laminates can be used as flooring or even in your kitchen and can make your space look beautiful and aesthetic.

We are here to help you explore the beauty of wood laminate flooring and why it is the right choice for your home.

The types of laminate designs

Solid color

Should laminates mimic stone? Not always, even though the graphics are sharper and images are more photorealistic, laminates can look aesthetically pleasing when displaying solid colors for example a solid black laminate with contrasting colors, or a multi-colored laminate with raw untreated brass fixtures can look appealing. Solid colors are great when it comes to playing around or contrasting colors.


Modern Victorian

Relaxing gray laminate flooring installation Knightdale can grace your kitchen with its blend of old and new, creamy classic white which makes your space look bigger and brighter. It opens up your space and makes it look elegant and sophisticated especially if you have a gleaming stainless-steel fridge and generously spaced kitchen countertops. Modern Victorian makes your space look clean and elegant and it looks amazing especially in your kitchen and living room areas, although it may need a bit of maintenance.


Laminate undermount

With the rise of new high-pressure laminates and waterproof rolled-edged laminates, you can use laminate in the kitchen, in areas that come in contact with a lot of moisture. This laminate can be successfully bonded to the base of laminate countertops. You can pick colors like pops of yellow or even a relaxing gray. Our experts can help you to pick colors that will go well with the theme and décor of your interiors and even help you to choose the kind of laminate you want for each room depending on if it is high traffic or in a low traffic area.


Woodgrain laminate

When you install a wood look kitchen laminate you get the warmth of wood with the ease, convenience, and hygienic nature of laminate flooring. As stone look laminates have risen in popularity, wood styles lagged behind and if you want to consider your home spaces looking natural then wood grain laminates can be a great choice. These laminates imitate any natural surface, from wood to stone and even types of other wood-like hardwood. This can give your interiors an aesthetic look.

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